About WAY Media

WAY Media Network Services is a division of WAY Media, Inc. based in Colorado Springs, CO. Our network programming hub is located in Nashville, TN, the Christian Music Capital of the World.

Established in 1997, WAY Media Network Services offers cutting edge, award winning radio programming to more than 120 radio stations nationwide. Markets include; Nashville, Denver, Louisville, Portland, and many more.

What makes us unique?

While many Christian music radio stations embrace the strategy of being “safe” from the dangers of this world, and “positive” all of the time, our desire to reach this generation guides us to a different strategy. Research shows that this younger generation tends to be more cynical about church and Christianity as a whole. WAY Media is breaking the traditional norms by offering announcers who are “real,” “transparent,” and “authentic” believers, not afraid to talk about messy topics, and not steering away from “real life issues.” Our announcers are the best in the industry, winners of several “Personality of the Year” awards.

Now, you can have a “different type” of Christian radio show, for less than the cost of a part-timer. WAY Media offers The Wally Show as an FTP daily delivered show where you control your own music locally.

To talk more about our programming and our vision, contact us.