Do not air The Wally Show if…

• You think connecting with your audience is a hassle.
• You don’t believe in entertaining ministry.
• You like flying under the radar.
• You feel more listeners brings too much work.



If you embrace these challenges and want this for your station, you could have radio show that is:

• professional and relevant
• funny and entertaining
• award-winning

• ministry-minded
• 4-person
• FTP-delivered

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Don’t believe us? Just ask Wally:

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WAY Media Network Services is the syndication and national partnership division of WAY Media, Inc. (AKA WAY-FM). We offer syndicated programming, like The Wally Show, to radio stations nationwide. And we offer creative, affordable, and winning national advertising strategies for organizations who want to reach our over one million Christian music fans! If you are a radio station needing programming, or an interested advertiser, we are here to serve you.
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